Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Hydrizon do?

Hydrizon helps you with cutting edge water technologies. Hydrizon specializes in Holopools, Water Shaping, Digital Water, Wave Energy and Water Communications.

What is a Holopool?

A Holopool is a holodeck for liquid holograms. A holodeck is an array of holographic projectors creating an integrated holographic experience.

What equipment is needed for a Holopool?

Holographic projectors, Holofans.

How to build a Holopool?

Collect a number of holographic projectors or holofans.

Assemble them in a space so that the holographic projections are close to each other.

Put the hardware in different positions around the space.

The holographic projections should create an integrated experience.

Project ocean or water holograms to create the Holopool.

What is Water Shaping?

Using equipment to move & direct water. This equipment is found in aquariums, fish tanks, fountains, pools, spa baths, surf lakes & wave tanks.

What equipment is used for Water Shaping?

Different equipment can be used, including: hoses, mechanical arms, pipes, water jets.

How to Water Shape?

Control the water shaping equipment either manually or digitally.

What is WEC?

Wave Energy Converter.

What is STEM?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

What are TRLs?

Technology Readiness Levels.